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I bought a Porsche on Collectingcars

Why did you buy on Collectingcars?

I’ve had a bad year for cars since selling my R35 GT-R (V23 GTR) and I wanted something to right the ship. Having had nothing but trouble with both the Lamborghini and my classic Porsche I really wanted something either very driver-focussed or frankly ridiculous and fun. So I took to Collectingcars to see what was available in the next week or so.

What is it like buying on Collectingcars?

Ive never bought at auction before despite trying very hard to buy a 360 Modena early in the year from a rival site. It’s actually very straight forward and despite my panicking and constant calculations for the 6% auction fees, it’s really easy to navigate. (The site will even remind you of the fees before you bid) You need your auction fee ready in your registered bank account you setup with CC or your bid will be rejected. (I learnt this 2 minutes before the auction ended). So a mad transfer of cash and panic began. You can view cars if you really feel the need to, however it’s mainly an online auction site. The high-quality HD pictures give you a really accurate representation of what you’re getting. The descriptions also list any imperfections there might be with whatever you’re buying.

How does it work if you win?

Basically they take your auction fees off you very quickly! You get your email receipt and all the jargon about checking the car, the next email gives you the sellers contact details. (The virtual introduction) In my case it was his email address and phone number. Being a millennial it’s obviously impossible for me to talk on the phone without the threat of imminent death, so I Whatsapped the seller. A few quick exchanges and the car was agreed to be collected on the coming Saturday, it’s really as simple as that. Check your maths, Bid your money, watch the timer, pay for it, check it over and collect.

Did you see the car before you bid?

In a short answer no. I was distracted by a manual 360 Spider, I’d seen the car listed and browsed the page, however it wasn’t at reserve so I forgot all about it. 5 minutes after deciding the Ferrari was too expensive I had a decision to make and decided to pursue the Porsche instead which now had it’s reserve pulled. I’ll reveal all about it in good time. But for now I can’t even put into words the fizz of excitement knowing my bid was winning and watching the timer count down. You can’t be sniped either, the timer adds 2 minutes whenever someone bids at the end of an auction. That’s about it really, I saw a car I really didn’t need yet wanted very badly, placed 1 bid and collected it 3 days later.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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