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A big nosed bearded petrolhead, aspiring automotive journalist.

I’m Sam and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved anything and everything with an engine. I’m here to document my automotive experiences with people and hopefully develop as a driver and a writer. My long term goal is to break into automotive journalism in the near future and road test performance cars for a major magazine. Please like and subscribe to stay up to date with my latest content including my weekly Youtube podcast.

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My most recent articles

996 CSR Lightweight Build

Following on from my first piece about tweaking my CSR, the changes have been coming rapidly. I’ve documented my latest project of removing as much weight as possible without ruining the ethos and usability of it. The goals are 996.1 gt3 power to weight ratio (260 bhp per tonne) and a kerb weight of 1250kgs. …

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