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911 CSR a GT3 for half the money?

The 996 GT3 has really gotten into it’s stride as the years have gone on, with most experts claiming it’s the best modern classic 911 you can buy. The 3.6 Mezger lump “only” chucks out around 381bhp in gen 2 guise but it’s the way you feel inside. It’s slight proportions as the last narrow bodied GT car and just how accelerative it is at high RPM make it feel like a real handful. A good 996.2 GT3 is asking over £80,000 in today’s market, so this got me thinking how close can I get for less than half the money?

The base car

I bought well and got myself a CSR from RPM Technik. The CSR program gives you a rebuilt engine and gearbox, new lightweight clutch and flywheel, a Wavetrac limited slip differential, KW V3 coilovers with fast road geometry setup and adjustable anti-roll bars, a new gear linkage and fresh bushes. All of these choice modifications have covered maybe 9000 miles since they were installed and the car feels brand new. I would’ve started from a factory Carrera but with low mileage examples hard to find and their propensity for IMS bearing failures I knew I needed a 996 with an engine rebuild already done.

The mods

That was my baseline for this project, you’ll notice 3 piece BBS Cup car style rims and meaty tyres, the factory GT3 “alienhead” bucket seats and rear seat delete. The next parts installed will be the 82mm GT3 throttle body and inlet plenum, coupled with 200 cel sports cats and perhaps a Fabspeed GT3 carbon airbox to further squeeze the power output. The objective is 340-350bhp whilst keeping weight as low as possible. 35kgs has been shaved from the interior with the GT3 seats and rear seat delete, another 3kgs saved with a smaller battery up front. The split rims also save weight over the standard units and provide a meaty purposeful stance with increased widths and aggressive offsets.

Future plans

Following on from the sports cats and intakes I’ll be looking into revised damping for fast road use, raising the nose and fitting a roll cage. The GT3 seats are being refinished in factory black leather as they should’ve been. The cage should increase rigidity in the chassis and finish off the oem clubsport look to the interior. I will also be deleting the lower dashboard console and reverting back to a single din Porsche head unit for that oem plus experience. I would like larger front brakes to give extra confidence when driving quickly as the factory 4 pots aren’t the most confidence inspiring despite good pads and fluid.

Do you think 80-90% of GT3 drivability and thrills can be extracted for less than £40k? Let me know if the comments below your thoughts and follow the build on my Instagram page.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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