I backdated my Air-cooled 911

What’s backdating?

Backdating essentially is making your Air-cooled 911 look older than it is. This usually happens to cars like mine, the G-series (1974-1989) or impact bumper cars as they’re known. This is usually because they’re a “cheap” way into Air-cooled Porsches and they’re not the prettiest.

Why did you backdate it?

Two main reasons for me the main being aesthetics, I just don’t like impact bumper cars really. The other is weight. When you’ve barely got 190-200bhp to play with you need to reduce the mass you’re moving. So far the 911 is 80kgs lighter than it was, thanks to stripping the interior back deleting the air-con and removing the heavy steel bumpers. The goal is to use fibreglass panels to further reduce weight while utilising a roll cage and front strut brace to improve rigidity. currently it sits at 1040kg however I’m confident it can be sub 1000kg very soon.

Why is it two colours?

I’ve been known in the past to prioritise the wrong things with my cars. Mainly aesthetics for example, so this time I’m getting the oily bits and parts that I want sorted, paint will be the finishing touch. I also wanted to know everything fitted correctly before committing to having it all painted.

What’s next?

Current plans are to continue the diet and finish off the “74 RS body kit with correct ducktail. It will be painted in guards red and detailed, before having the bucket seats and half roll-cage fitted. This should finish the mid 70’s racer aesthetic. I need to upgrade the manifolds and exhaust as well to free up some more power and a sharper exhaust note.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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