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Project Gallardo first update

It’s been a week in real time and I’ve already haemorrhaged, no, invested a lot of funds into my latest project.

After hundreds of stressed and worried hours sorting though American and German eBay, I’ve managed to source the correct 5.0 long block. It’s in need of some repairs after an argument with a rod. However given the early Gallardo’s appetite for its own catalysts and occasional oil starvation, a rebuild seemed a wise move anyway. I’ve also managed to track down a beautiful Inlet manifold in seemingly immaculate condition. That’s two major parts found so far, fingers crossed the engine is salvageable then we can look into the other bits and pieces.

The parts are currently on their way from Germany as we speak. I’ll have the engine inspected by my resident engine guru, Bart of Anglia Performance Centre in Peterborough. It takes a special kind of dedication to willingly agree to project Gallardo. At the moment it’s looking like a set of rods and an oil pan, a gasket set and a full major service once repaired.

The current goal is for an oem build, but with Lamborghini rods coming in at daft money a set of Carrillo forged rods may have to do. Price dependent pistons may also be an option. Reassuring to know you could have a “reliable” 1000bhp plus engine. Random fact I’ve learned so far, a full gasket set for the 5.0 engine is £998 + VAT. Ouch.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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