I bought the cheapest Lamborghini Gallardo in the world.

Money can literally burn a hole in your pocket, never has that been more prevalent than following my new Lamborghini home today. Yes that’s right I’m now the proud owner of this delicious blue first generation Gallardo. 37,000 miles HPI clear,2 owners and finished in Caelum blue with two-tone leather interior.


I found it on eBay and it was basically a half priced Gallardo. What would you do?

What’s wrong with it?

In short it needs an engine, perhaps a clutch and a few silly bits. I keep selling cars too quickly, I bought a Cat D Aston Martin and even then made a profit and sold it on within 6 months. I thought why not take a gamble? Build a proper project car and have something special that I’ve always wanted at the same time.

What are my plans?

5.0 V10 twin-turbo upgrade, cat-less headers a remap and ZF Box to handle the additional torque. Brake calliper refurb with bigger discs, ceramic coating, Interior tidying up and then daily use hopefully. Project supercar and use it as much as possible if I can. Fingers crossed it’s relatively straight forward. I’ve budgeted around £20,000 for the re-assembly and donor car etc.

I can’t grumble about a half priced Gallardo whatsoever. I’m just hoping my mechanic will sign off on attaining a C6 RS6 and basically putting all of the good bits into the Lamborghini. Engine, Turbos, Gearbox, Loom and ECUs, a remap and the big brakes. I want to 2-wheel-drive convert it as well to make the front end more engaging. (Just disconnect the front prop, remove the diff and drive shafts then blank off the rest) Let’s see if my wallet will survive this endeavour.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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