I bought the cheapest manual Lamborghini in the UK

Now the title is speculative at best, I know Jayemm a well known YouTuber spent a mere £40k on a manual Gallardo a couple of years ago. Admittedly though his was quite rough and had several attempts at an engine rebuild after its life as a track rental car. Mine was nowhere this cheap but it was the cheapest listed on Autotrader and eBay at the time of purchase. Low mileage, fully HPI clear and with extensive Lamborghini and specialist service historye to boot. There’s now a similarly priced example also manual, but silver and with 30k more miles.

Now unfortunately across many forums and the world of social media I’ve taken the role of “scum” as I’ve used some finance to purchase my Lamborghini. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me as I typically used personal loans anyway, this is just a safer bet as it’s secured to the value of the car and over a much shorter term. In Lehmans terms take around the average house deposit in the UK and instead of going to an estate agent you go supercar shipping instead. With said deposit in place and a fairly alright salary to back it up, I pay less than the average PCP on a Golf R or BMW 135i. Admittedly with probably two or three times the deposit and perhaps a larger balloon payment.

Why a Lamborghini?

Most automotive stories make people out to be one or the other, Holden or GM, Audi or BMW, Ferrari or Lamborghini and while the previous might be true for myself I’ve always loved both Lamborghinis and Ferraris. At the time there were many Ferrari 360s I was interested in buying but only a couple had a manual gearbox. Why a manual? Early “F1” automated manual gearboxes of the early 2000s habitually decimate clutches in very few miles, Lamborghini’s E-Gear is just as guilty of this. I always crave enjoyment and engagement from the cars and I buy and nothing gives me more than a manual gearbox optioned car. There was a delicious F430 coupe available for an additional £8000, Rosso Corsa over Tan interior but F1 gearbox made me weary and the car was in Ireland. The Lamborghini in question had previously sold for £10,000 more however with several people failing finance approval and fallen through deposits the selling dealer discounted the car to get a sale, this is where I appear.

The buying story

It’s Saturday the 5th of March I’ve just taken a 50% Deposit on my 911 CSR and I’m waiting for the car to be collected the next day. On successful delivery and inspection the remaining balance will be paid to me and I can settle my personal loan and be bill free for a little while, or so I thought. I call Howard the selling dealer for a chat about the Gallardo, I needed to know if the dangerous Catalysts had been removed as they’ll eventually kill the engine with bore-scoring, and then general enquiries about its spec and condition. We have a 15 minute chat about the car and due to a part ex offer with a Ferrari 360 I had until Monday to have things in place for a purchase. My only condition was I wanted a fresh MOT ready for a years worth of enjoyment to which Howard agreed. So it’s still Saturday morning and Howard has introduced me to Dave at Apollo Capital and I basically ask him if we can rush through a finance application if I give a 30% plus sized deposit for the car. The next hour is spent giving details via email, bank statements addresses, employment history etc and that afternoon the application was in. Let’s forget the personal loan I need to pay off and the fact I’ve not officially handed the Porsche over at this point. (Face palm)

Sunday comes and the Porsche is delivered to a very happy new owner, the money arrives and that’s step one of this stupid plan complete. I run HPI checks and MOT history checks on what could be my Lamborghini and everything seems to check out, I really really really wanted it because it was a manual Lamborghini and it looked genuinely nice and a bit too good for me. I feel so sorry for anyone around me the Sunday and Monday that followed as I was a walking talking ball of stress with no idea of outcome. I’d resigned myself to a rejection letter as I just wasn’t prepared for the financial background checks and I should have waited 3 months plus really, but the idea of a classic Italian supercar for summer was just too much to give up on. “Approval” the email header read as my phone lit up, I knew then I had the green light and money was on its way, my inner 5 year old took over and hyper running around flapping my arms and grinning like an idiot ensued, fortunately to an empty household. I called Howard and said I was approved and would like to see the car on Wednesday, step two of the stupid plan complete.

The handover

A 2 hour drive towards London with an early start was not my ideal way to start a days leave but there was at least something special at the end. We arrived to an immaculate show room and a fresh cup of coffee waiting for us. The Gallardo had just been paint corrected and waxed, it looked beautiful sat in the corner waiting for me. Honestly all I needed to check was that the body was clean and it wasn’t dropping any fluids. I was in love it just didn’t feel real or possible that I could be taking a Lamborghini home with me that afternoon. 8 year old me watching TopGear was going to have a manual Lamborghini of my own. Howard took me out for the test drive and proceeded to remind me of his racing background by giving the Lamborghini a good workout on the short backroad test route. The windows, radio and air-conditioning worked, the Tubi exhaust definitely worked and that was that, she was coming home with me. I never felt any pressure to buy and it was genuinely a really pleasant experience throughout. There’s a few little niggles being addressed as I type this so I’ve been without my Gallardo for a couple of weeks, but incredibly excited to have it back soon!

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a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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