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996 CSR Lightweight Build

Following on from my first piece about tweaking my CSR, the changes have been coming rapidly. I’ve documented my latest project of removing as much weight as possible without ruining the ethos and usability of it. The goals are 996.1 gt3 power to weight ratio (260 bhp per tonne) and a kerb weight of 1250kgs.

I started by stripping back the interior, electric front seats and rear seats plus rear seat belts, this saved 34 kilograms. Spare wheel delete was 11.3kg, Jack and tool kit 1.3kg. Rear wiper motor and arm came in at 2.2kg, The RPM Technik back boxes are 3kgs lighter than standard, GT3 rear decklid and wing saves 4kgs against the oem active decklid, a radio and lower dash delete found a further 3.6kgs from the interior. I’ve now removed the frunk lining and Bose amp for the stereo totalling 4.4kgs and the lightweight clutch and flywheel saves 5kgs against standard. Totalling a mammoth 68.8kgs of weight reduction. Next on my List is a deadweight Industries lithium Ion battery to replace my Bosch unit, this is expected to save between 15 and 17kgs more.

Waiting for my lower dash trim to arrive..

The CSR feels incredibly sharp and compliant now it’s had a fairly large diet and some money thrown at it again. My favourite parts have to be the GT3 seats, they hold you tight and support you with fast cornering with the added bonus of a massive weight reduction. I’ve also fitted a factory GT3 gear stick to go with the new selector that was fitted by RPM with the gearbox rebuild. It fits your hand much better and gives a better feel through the gears.

A base 996 from factory in my spec (non sunroof) weighs in at 1345kg standard. Minus my 69kgs so far plus a further 15kgs from the deadweight industries battery, will mean a total a reduction of 84kgs totalling a new kerb weight of 1261kg. A carbon fibre bonnet can liberate a further 10kgs of weight with the potential for a Lexan rear window and carbon roof to be fitted. However we will see how the project evolves as I hone in the dynamics.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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