You can win my R35 GT-R!

After nearly 6 months my R35 GT-R has gone! It was paid for and collected yesterday, bought by one of the Facebook competition companies. Meaning very shortly it’ll be up for grabs for the price of a cup of coffee! I feel sad coming out of my GT-R but I had to remove my bucket seats and I hated how it drove with the standard seats in place. There was minor haggling and I’m firmly in profit, which in a Nissan GT-R is no mean feat.

Why did I sell?

Electrifying speed coupled with great handling sounds like the ultimate recipe, however when a lot of “supercars” would struggle to catch you, what’s the point? I drove my GT-R hard. Many accidental oversteer moments and of course a flurry of fast road driving, meant I’ve honed my skills again and it’s time for something different. I got to the stage where I was spending money almost for the sake of it. I’d built my ideal version of the R35. Plenty of power, lashings of carbon fibre, bucket seats, big brakes and a titanium exhaust. Perfect.

What next?

I love a manual gearbox and my feet feel lost when driving automatics so often. I also like going from a very fast car (tuned GT-R) to something “slower” like an old GT3 911, perhaps a 997 turbo, V10 R8, maybe even an old Ferrari who knows. I want to continue experiencing new vehicle dynamics, new driving styles to help develop as a driver and writer.

The numbers

I like to be transparent , V23 GTR cost me £29,000 when I purchased it back in November (good timing and well haggled). The after market parts and servicing totalled around £6000, however by the time I’d sold other parts and recouped funds the car owed me £31300. I sold it for £33,000 plus £1200 on top for my Tillett Bucket seats. I’ve still some accessories and other pieces to move on, so there’s potential to clear £3000 profit. Could’ve been better but unfortunately my rear Michelin’s were found to be a little ropey and I needed some TPMS sensors. Not a bad result after 3800 miles and 6 months of ownership.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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