Realistic on the road costs in the UK. Nissan R35 GT-R

I’ve been an advocate for “bang goes the theory” and disproving the high running costs of the GT-R. This being said I came to a stark realisation that doing things to a high standard at a slightly lower price point, has still cost me (generally speaking) quite a lot of money.

I don’t know whether it’s scare tactics or a badge of pride, but a lot of GT-R owners I’ve encountered seem keen to shun new owners away. I’ve actually heard the phrase “you should have the cash to rebuild it to run it”. Now the going rate for a gearbox rebuild/upgrade from the horses mouth is about £12k. A rod refresh from Litchfield Motors is another £5500. I don’t know many owners that can afford to mechanically write off their car and cash a cheque for its repair in one sitting. If this were the norm I don’t think anyone would buy a McLaren. Yes engines do fail sometimes, so do gearboxes but it’s fairly rare depending on the state of tune and service history. If you were to apply that logic you could use it against buying any high-performance vehicle.


I bought my R35 on November 28th 2020. It was a very clean example with comprehensive service history. However it was due an oil and filter service. Opie oils were cheap for the correct oil and filter, plus a mechanics labour meant the total cost was £105. Following on from this I wanted a health check plus a software update so I know the car is running safely. £324 for the privilege with a dyno run. I then fitted the Alcon Superkit and had my mechanic round to flush and bleed the system. Motul RBF660 fluid and some labour cost me £80. Last but not least the diffs and gearbox fluid change, this was £252 on its own. However rotten undertrays and a brake line brought this up to £476. Bringing my total for just over 3 months to £985. Not bad for a GT-R but it’s funny how the “smaller” bills can add up. I’ll be doing engine oil and filter again in a couple of months so that’ll add a little extra. However peace of mind is priceless.

Other GT-R bills

A set of Michelin Pilot sport 4S tyres 265/35/20 and 305/30/20 will cost you around £800-900 fitted depending on where you get them. Standard brakes are a bit crap so opt for Alcon replacements. Pretty sure each disc is £295+VAT regardless of front or rear. You can then add a pad of your choice. I get to pay I believe it’s £585 ROAD TAX for the privilege of driving on the horrific standard we call roads in the UK. Fuel around £80 of 99RON fuel should fill the tank. I get an indicated 320 miles on low boost. A mixture of fun and commuting sees about 220-260 miles from each tank. Obviously if I put it on high-boost in top map the range decreases substantially. Even if commuting.

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