R35 GT-R diff and gearbox service time.

I’ve said before how the R35 platform is surrounded in horror stories of maintenance. Fingers crossed I’m here to extinguish the rumours and make them a more attainable platform.

Where did I go?

Kaizer Motor near Rochester. Previously voted the best Nissan Master Technican in Europe, Sly Kaizer is incredibly qualified to build and maintain pretty much any spec of R35 you might have. My car has been there loads before when going through the paperwork, so I felt a pilgrimage home was fitting.


Front and rear diff fluids plus gearbox fluid change came to £252 all in with labour. A far cry from the horror stories I was told before having even my first R35. I had a brake line replaced at the same time at around £34 and some pence. The only unexpected bill was the rotten rear under-tray brackets, apparently a common flaw. So upgraded items were fitted for £180. I supplied my own brake fluid for the minor flush after changing the line and all in I paid £475.46. Which for a “major” service on this platform I’m pretty happy with. A few of you may be wondering why I’ve not had the engine oil done. Well it was done late December (sub 1700 miles) with a brand new filter so my plans are to run another 1000 miles or so before dropping it again.

I would love to say there’s an enormous massive difference, but really there isn’t. The fluid wasn’t that old anyway, I could argue the changes feel marginally smoother. The typical horrid noises from the gearbox seem a little reduced but running temperatures are about the same, give or take a degree or two. Peace of mind and comprehensive history are never bad on a high performance car though.

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a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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