I found a bargain pair of Tillett carbon fibre bucket seats

So things are well and truly getting out of hand now. I’ve gone from subtly enhancing an already very special car, to almost doing a build thread with it but these happen. My latest eBay acquisition is a pair of Tillett B5 bucket seats, complete with aluminium side mounts.

Price checking these on the DemonTweeks website showed these are £765 each plus an additional cost for the complete alcantara centres. It was my understanding these were mainly on back order. But being such an expensive seat I was keen to find other options and got lucky on eBay. I think it was a typical case of the seller had no idea what they were and a spelling error in the listing meant they weren’t as visible as they could’ve been. A £50 start price caught my attention early and I talked myself into making a purchase. The question was “how much am I willing to pay?”

After talking myself into them all week, trying to justify them and sniffing around the classified I decided I was willing to pay up to £1k for the pair, providing they were in good condition. Fortunately the eBay auction went somewhat under the radar and I paid substantially less for the pair, I’ll admit they were filthy and looking a bit neglected but a thorough hoovering and some polish they’ve cleaned up well. There’s a few scratches on the backs and underneath, but who cares you’ll never see them. I’m pleased with my purchase and I can’t begin to explain how good they look in My GT-R. All I can is I paid less than the price for 1 on DemonTweeks and they’re staying with me for the foreseeable, even if the GT-R doesn’t.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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