Fitting my bargain Tillett bucket seats into my Nissan GT-R

So again I’ve decided that “yeah I can probably do that” and gone straight into fitting my bucket seats myself. The overall job wasn’t too bad, but connecting multi piece seat frames to bucket seats which don’t stand up was not the easiest.

First job was disconnecting the negative battery terminal, the wiring is quite snug under there so I used a block of cork to prevent it from accidentally shorting. After this I left the car for 20 minutes to discharge anything potentially going around the system. Take note you’ll want to open both doors before disconnecting the battery so the window is lowered ready to open and shut the doors. If they’re shut at the time of disconnecting they may not lower and you’re at risk of breaking the glass.

Seat removal itself it’s very straight forward 4 x 14mm Nuts which should come off with a ratchet. I went for 1/2” as I’m confident my seats have never been out in 12 plus years. They were very very tight. Once the 4 are loose you can tip the seats back and disconnect the 3 plugs underneath the seats. You’ll need to remove mounting clips for the wiring harness then the seat is ready to remove.

I weighed my non-heated seats and they come back at a whopping 25.4kgs each! The Tillett units are a little over 4kgs plus the frames. So maybe 6-8kgs once fitted. I used 2.2ohm resistors to cancel the airbag light, these are just pushed into the connectors and taped into place.

The Tillett B5 seats are very narrow, I’m a sub 30” waist and they give me a little hug around the kidneys so are very supportive. However due to their narrow nature I needed to use a 10mm spacer between one side of the mounts, this made sure they lined up with the frames and holes in the GT-R floor.

One of the last things you’ll need to do is remove the seatbelt receiver (female part) this has a wire harness attached which goes under the seat into a white connector. There are a few clips which are fiddly to remove, you’ll need to thread the wire and clips back through the bolt hole left by the holder itself.

Once the seats are lined up with the bolts in place, tighten them all equally with yours fingers. This ensures they’re sat level and lined up correctly. I then used my 1/2” ratchet to tighten everything up as much as I could. Going around the side mounts and seats is always a good idea as well. I used a 12mm spanner to tighten the seat frames to ensure no movement or torsion.

Now the seats are fully fitted with everything tightened, test drive complete and the interior hoovered and dusted. Initial thoughts are they’re incredibly supportive and comfortable. However I’m about to spend 2 hours sat in them on my journey to work this evening so I’ll be able to provide more information over the coming weeks. I hope this has been helpful to anyone who may want to remove their seats and fit buckets.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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