I bought a bargain Alcon Superkit for my R35 GT-R

I’ve been pretty busy in my first 9 weeks of ownership with my new Nissan GT-R. I’ve had the software updated with a dyno run, new wheels and tyres, some carbon fibre trim bits and now a big brake kit. I’ve always liked the Alcon Superkit as it’s enormous, fills the wheels nicely and they look evil up close, not to mention the significant performance benefit. A lot of lads are happy throwing 800-900bhp on standard brakes with just a disc and pad upgrade. I however much prefer a dedicated Big brake kit for piece of mind as well as the aesthetics.

So what did I get?

Well I have a full set of discs 400x36mm fronts and 385×33 rears, brand new Pagid RS29 pads for all four corners and of course the mighty Alcon Superkit calipers themselves, which I have to say are in immaculate condition. The discs looked a little ratty after sitting in storage for a year or so in a damp garage. However after a quick clean they’re looking much healthier and ready to bed-in a new set of pads. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the RS29 pads. They’re supposed to be absolutely mighty on track, but for road use they’re a bit overkill and noisy, I’ll update you on my findings.


Back in the early 2010’s this was a £10,000 brake kit and usually supplied by Litchfield, however they’re fairly rare to see floating about in the classifieds. Most have either been sold years ago, or are still fitted to the cars they were originally purchased for. I paid £2400 for my setup plus £45 for some Motul RBF660 brake fluid. Normally you would require the Alcon specific brake lines but fortunately I already have Goodridge braided lines which should plumb straight in. I’m looking for around £1650-£1850 for my standard callipers with Alcon discs up front and Cosworth pads. Rears are nearly new Brembo discs again with Cosworth pads. So once they’ve been paid for this big brake kit will owe me way under £1000. Happy days.


This is where numbers start to inflate unnervingly quick. I emailed Litchfield yesterday to get a quote for a full set of discs to go with my Superkit when the time comes. £2716.80 for 4x discs and bells. Then you factor in £1080 for front and rear pads (price from Knightracer website) I’m pretty relieved mine are in good shape. I’ve been in contact with Reyland Racing who can make me discs to suit, for under half price, however I’m going to have to live with the cost of pads. (Ouch) £3796.80 for a full disc and pad change on the Superkit.

Where did I find them?

After being let down on an AP Radical 410 kit I went scouting the GTR forums, marketplaces and eBay all to no avail. I was randomly added to the GTR Cartel classifieds WhatsApp chat where I submitted a “want to buy” request for a big brake kit. This was back in early January before I’d even been to Litchfield. However once I got home that afternoon I was offered the kit for “around 3 grand” it took nearly 3 weeks for pictures to get to me. By which time I actually had a set of ceramics I was experimenting with, so I quickly listed them for sale before placing a deposit on the Alcon kit after some haggling of course. My next post will be an update comparing weights, measurements and feel for fast road use.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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