Ecutek V8 software update and rolling road for my GT-R

So 6 weeks deep into ownership my R35 is wearing new shoes, has been serviced and now has had a software update. Here’s how my morning at Litchfield Motors went…..

Why a software update?

In the UK most tuned GT-Rs use ECUTEK software which is frequently revised, enabling tuners to monitor extra parameters and increase power and traction control safely and remotely. I’ve found the car skittish in any sort of low temperatures and wet weather, making most of the power completely inaccessible. Even when modulated and fed in gradually. My R35’s last software update was Version 5.5 back in 2017 with Litchfield themselves stating how massive the improvements in versions 6 and 7 were. So it seemed logical 3 plus years on there would be noticeable improvements.

What does it cost?

I paid £180 VAT included for the Version 8 update as my GT-R already has Litchfield licensing and software. Dyno mapping (for Willy waving graph purposes) was £144 VAT included totalling £324 for the mornings work. Seemingly a GT-R-tax free bit of work.

How does the car feel now?

The power delivery feels much more progressive yet the car is overall much much faster. Despite wet and salty roads I was able to get much further in the Rev-range when feeding in the throttle. Beforehand it was very skittish around 4K RPM causing the back end to step out aggressively. This thankfully happens much less despite covering ground more quickly, I’m really impressed with the power figures and how good the 4” TITAN Exhaust sounds at full chat.

672bhp 854nm strong figures for an early (CBA) GT-R

Thanks to Social-distancing guidelines I wasn’t allowed into the viewing area to protect the workshop staff, a shame but makes perfect sense. My R35 was still able to roar through the engine build room all the way to the waiting area. My highlight of the day being the 2ft long flames coming out the tailpipes on the overrun. This is my first time dyno running one of my cars and I felt both incredibly nervous and like a proud father on the touchline of a football pitch. We all have worries we’ve missed something on a pre-purchase inspection or it may go bang under hard loading. To summarise I spent most of the morning grinning like an idiot and incredibly proud of my purchase, this one definitely feels like a keeper to me. Best £350 I’ve spent in a long long time I recommend it to any GT-R lads with slightly outdated software.

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a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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