My Bargain first service with the new GT-R

When it comes to the R35 GT-R all you usually here is the horrific stories of constant 4 figure service bills, alas this doesn’t have to be the case. My car has a thoroughly detailed history with the bulk of it being split between Perfect Touch, Kaizer and Litchfield Imports. In the early days of the R35 Nissan insisted on a 6 month service interval or 6000 miles, however as times have progressed this is commonly stretched to 12 months for those which don’t do as many miles. I admit mines only had the oil service but shopping around for parts and making the most of Black Friday sales has made this even cheaper than last time.

Opie Oils Black Friday sale saw me get a 6 litre service pack of Mobil 1 Factory spec oil delivered for only £55. Most big power cars and those with higher mileage tend to run Castrol supercar oil with a thicker viscosity to protect engine components. However mine currently has just over 53,000 miles so I’m happy to stick to standard spec for now. My Nissan genuine filter was £9.50 and the crush washer was 99p both sourced from “JDM_Nissanshop” on eBay who I used earlier in the year for the previous car. So a sniff over £66 and I’ve everything needed for an oil change on my new GT-R, nothing too soul destroying there.

Thanks to a Global Pandemic and a hefty work schedule the previous owner of my GT-R barely went anywhere in it since it’s major overhaul at Litchfield. 900 miles before I took ownership to be exact. Litchfield did an engine oil and filter change, differential and gearbox fluid flush, replaced the brakes lines and fluid all for around £1400. Despite the low miles from the last service I’m keen to have fresh fluids in whenever I buy a car for peace of mind, that and the fact it’s off to Litchfield again next week for a software update and Dyno run. The thought of high revs on year old engine oil didn’t sit well with me and for £100 with a mechanics labour and invoice I really can’t complain. Some people do oil filters every time like I do, others don’t but for the sake of £10 I’m happy to do so.

Now depending on Carl’s availability, I may have a GT-R independent specialist do my diff and gearbox fluids in 8 months or so when it’s due. However apart from the expensive fluids and a few special reverse turkey-baster type things (technical term for pumping the fluids in) it’s not a difficult job for a competent mechanic and like most GT-R jobs it’s about keeping fresh fluids circulating around. The “optimisation” service can be done yourself via the ECUTEK app on your phone via Bluetooth dongle. These will set you back around £150 and you’re able to use it infinitely to diagnose fault codes, clutch re-learns (optimisation) etc. Not an expensive part of GT-R ownership but nevertheless it’s empowering to know you can check things out with them yourself. Up next I’m having an Aux belt changed, again for peace of mind along with a brake fluid and coolant flush to keep everything fresh heading into the summer. I’ll continue to shop around as I’ve already found Castrol SRF fluid for £50 a litre which is around a £12 saving per litre. I’ll report back again later in the new year when I’ve shopped around for my diff and gearbox fluid change and let you know the costs.

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a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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