History repeats itself… I buy my JDM GT-R some new shoes

So as we know in January 2020 I bought myself an R35 GT-R, a global pandemic and 3 cars later I’m back in another. Now I’ve previously mentioned how expensive R35 parts are and in most cases forged wheels that I like are painfully unobtainable. My first GT-R fortunately came with Michelin pilot sport 4s rubber all round in great condition. However my current iteration came on Bridgestone Blizzacks, designed for winter use. I typically rely on common sense and I’m happier buying a daily than battling the elements with 660+ bhp as R35s are a little ropey in the wet. So when the roads get bad the GT-R can take a break, meaning no need for specific winter rubber.

What are they?

The wheels are Forged TSW Nurburgring, the tyres are Michelin Pilot sport 4s. Oem tyre sizes are 255/40/20 and 285/35/20, but the standard Bridgestone Potenzas are run-flat, so can afford a taller sidewall due to being reinforced. When moving to a non run-flat tyre it’s common to drop a sidewall size and increase the width. I ran previously 265/35/20 and 305/30/20 and this is what I’ve chosen again. No ride “comfort” is lost and the car feels more accessible in damp conditions.

Are they expensive?

You can source TSW Nurburgring wheels in GT-R fitment from LK performance in the UK. These are around £1700 a set, the sizes are 20×10” and 20×10.5 front and rear respectively. I got mine second hand online and owe me £1000 delivered. I sold my standard wheels with the winter tyres cheap to a friend for £400 as I wanted the garage space. I had the rubber lying around so they were maybe worth a few hundred quid with 6mm all round left. Tyres on the drive charged me £90 to fit and balance all 4 wheels, I chose to fit them myself as the GT-R is a pain to get off the ground. My aftermarket side-skirts didn’t make matters any easier as well. If you were to buy the setup brand new with Michelin tyres you’d be looking at over £2500, more if you opted for new TPMS sensors.

Why did I buy them?

They’re forged so I know they’re light and strong, despite extortionate tax, UK roads are often in abysmal condition. I think they look great on the GT-R my previous set were matte grey and I always wondered how black would look, I’m pleased to report they look the dogs bollocks. I like how they’re different, I use subtle modifications to make a vehicle unique. Putting my stamp on the car without being too aggressive or showy. I’m a sucker for two things, carbon fibre and nice wheels.

I’ll be testing the new setup over the coming weeks and report back soon. Wet British A-roads mean I’m often lacking for traction , but from the quick drive I’ve had, I think power is more accessible if you modulate your inputs. Drive it with your clown shoes on you’ll spin down the road like a waltzer covered in your own excrement.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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