I broke my Aston Martin …

I’m a special kind of stupid , I buy grossly impractical cars and then insist on using them as my only vehicle. This goes with varying degrees of success and so far with the vantage it’s not going so well.

After a visit to Bamford Rose the Aston independent chaps, the car was behaving better than before. The front suspension was far too soft causing the car to pogo allover the place on Wiltshire’s pothole infested roads, after a subtle adjustment the car feels firmer but more compliant. Fast forward a week and the car felt a little out of alignment, so I had the front geometry tweaked which improved things a little but something just wasn’t right.

So it’s raining heavily, I’m on my way home for a hospital appointment. A droning Larini exhaust and radio cancel each other out along the way. However I feel the car really start to tug to the left. On pulling over I find my 25, yes 25 section rear tyre flat as a proverbial pancake. The Vantage barely has room for two people and a bag of stuff and things so no chance of a spare wheel. Unfortunately it turned out I’d made it to Northamptonshire, so may have been running a slow puncture for some miles. I stop at a BP garage for air but the “universal” tyre pump is garbage. Cue the “who wants to be a millionaire” phone a friend option whilst I settle down with a coffee and play the waiting game.

After being deposited at home I remove the offending wheel and check it over following a good clean. Not only was I greeted by a previous repair I wasn’t aware of but a nice crack next door. Fortunately I’ve a local chap who’s saved several wheels of mine from the scrap heap and he sets about cutting out the bad metal and welding in some fresh stuff. If you want to start your Monday on the wrong foot, throw away a 7mm Michelin Pilot Sport 4S that your Aston has devoured after a flat. As you’ll see from the picture below it really made a mess, my Vantage is metaphorically kicking me in the groin just because.

I’m fortunate the car is running healthily at the moment (touches as much wood as I can find) however I will now being going to an oem set of wheels for peace of mind and better ride comfort. The Aston is a great car but you need the right road the right weather and the correct mindset it’s a total pig otherwise. If you’re ever near Glaston and pass the petrol station on your right, then turn right immediately afterwards and enjoy the twisting cambered roads spilling through the Rutland countryside. Drink in the beauty as you rev match and spear beneath the mighty viaduct with the tight turns up and down steep gradients, it’s helped me remember what this car is all about.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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