I bought the UK’s cheapest Audi RS7 and it’s awesome!

So a few weeks ago I sold my Nissan GT-R, there was uproar from my friends and questions about what stupid venture lay next. I love the R35 it was a rocket in a straight line and even better in the corners. But I daily drive my cars and as much as I loved the character of the gearbox and horrific ride comfort, or lack thereof something had to change. I was in touch with an acquaintance about a more powerful R35 than mine with half the miles, so that was the plan. However after discussing it with many owners I was warned about how the vehicle had been driven and that there was a risk of rod and gearbox issues even with capped torque. After a late night search on Autotrader I came across the RS7 well priced and highly specced. I had to go and look really as it seemed the smarter choice.

Anyone who knows me or has seen my car history knows I love a fast Audi. The C7 platform has always been a huge goal for me to attain. 6 or 7 they’re all the same to me the RS6 is arguably more aggressive but the RS7 is beautiful with sleek lines. I’d been scouring AutoTrader for a few weeks to no avail. But at 1am on Thursday I spotted this RS7, finished in Matte Daytona Grey with extended carbon fibre. I had to have it. Mileage was a little “high” but if daily driven it’s pretty much under the national average for a vehicle of its age. The RS7 is complete with full Audi service history , sports exhaust, WiFi , sunroof, head up display and a smattering of other options you’d never usually think of. I’ve always got this philosophy of finding a reason not to buy a car, if I can’t find any then I better get my money out. Seeing mixed reviews about the dealership network as a whole, I wasn’t sure what to expect, the paintwork is very clean, alloys unmarked and the engine pulls hard.

The car was situated in Ipswich which seemed like an awkward place for me to get to, so I paid a deposit and they moved it to Loughborough. The RS7 is being supplied with a fresh service and 12 months MOT, so I can enjoy a full years motoring while getting to know it. It feels slow compared the R35 but it should, it’s near 100bhp down and 200kgs heavier. The torque is satisfying and mighty. The honeycomb buckets are a revelation from my GTR it’s so comfortable and despite 21” wheels the ride is exquisite. Firm when you throw it round a roundabout yet supple and refined when you’re over speed bumps and potholes. I’ve seen a few road tests stating the steering is numb , certainly in dynamic I found it quite sharp for what is effectively a yacht with wheels. Dynamic mode also opens the exhaust valves for satisfying crackles on the overrun and between gears.

The C7 RS6/7 models are powered by a 4lite bi-turbo charged V8, putting out 553bhp and 700nm. 390mm front waved brake discs take care of the stopping, but in all honestly apart from the mad interior and rs7 badges you’d have no idea what you’re inside. The comfort and refinement are next level (this may be magnified coming from a GTR). The hardest part of my latest purchase will be getting used to the proportions, The R35 was a big car the Rs7 is a different league of ginormous. My current plans are to get to grips with the car, upgrade the air filter and look into remapping. A Milltek exhaust is also on my list at some stage depending on where I can find one. I think the RS7 will be a better adversary for the R35 when it has 700bhp and over 1000nm.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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