Am I selling my first supercar already?

I write this today as a man who’s just taken a deposit on one of his dream cars, but why you may be asking? Well as you know I bought this GT-R with a few cosmetic issues for a very good price. But with the Covid-19 virus continuing to make a nuisance of itself and thousands of Brits being killed, the prestige market is now itself starting to dip. Will cars plummet and the country slip into a depression? Probably not. Has the want for performance cars dropped? Definitely so. I’ve had a few messages with fairly insulting offers and more and more R35s appearing for below £30k. To put it bluntly there are bargains to be had elsewhere , which is fantastic if you’re buying but a little troubling for people like me. We like to upgrade our cars enjoy them and then buy better , jumping up the ladder as we go. But if people won’t buy our cars we get stuck.

Covid-19 has plagued much of my GT-R ownership. The car has only covered 2000 miles or so in 5-6 months. Prices are dropping and the likelihood of me being stuck with a depreciating asset was beginning to sink in. I’m passionate and driven but if I followed my heart all the time I wouldn’t have any money at all. I’ve seen an opportunity to get out, make a few quid and move on. It’s not an easy decision as I really do love my GT-R. But I now have the chance (if the car is collected and remainder of cash is paid), to save for a few months to maybe the end of the year and see what is around for a little more money. I’ve my eyes on a “stage 5” GT-R with near 800bhp and low mileage, if the price is right it could be a good deal for me.

The R35 is a car that intimidates me, not just by its speed but by its ability to financially cripple you in an instant. I would love another before my next birthday but it’s an excuse to start a track car build series, as I save hard for the next samtalkscars project. As I wrote the other day the car market now is in a strange place. There’s a lot of stock around but prices mean few are selling. In times like these a sale is a sale and you need to take what you can get. If the car is collected the car will make me £400 profit. It’s nothing to get excited about and even less satisfying when you think of the boxes of brakes and downpipes I’ll be supplying. But she’s a beautiful example and one i’m immensely proud to have owned. The R35 is by far the best car in the £30k price point and I won’t back down from that. I hope to have another soon and i’m feeling more sadness that my ownership may be over than I am happiness about the cash I’ll be receiving. Who knows? Maybe the 800bhp car will be the best thing I’ve ever driven and I’ll love it unconditionally. That’s all part of the fun of buying and selling fast cars.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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