My R35 GT-R first service costs.

Disintegrating Ferrodo DS2500 pads. Just want you want with over 600bhp.

So I’ve started my journey into R35 GT-R ownership, with my first few bills starting to line up currently. I’ve bought a pair of front Alcon rotors which will be fitted later in the year. I’m currently shopping for pads to accompany the new rotors and I’ve a pair of new rear Alcon discs to come. I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time with a brand new set of front Alcons costing me £400, a far cry from the £899 I’ve seen them listed for online. (380mm CBA specs). I ordered the recommended Mobil oil a genuine Nissan filter and crush washer totalling £73. So for servicing parts the R35 platform is very reasonable. However normally a full set of Alcon brakes will cost you the best part of £1800, which isn’t cheap add £500-£600 of pads and you’re going to haemorrhage money very quickly.

I love new car parts whether for performance or servicing.

A good friend of mine reached out as he gave me a lot of support and guidance when sourcing the GT-R. He offered me his services and he’s truly a master technician, anything from oil changes to bespoke tuning he can do it , if he can’t he knows someone who can. I’ve no qualms supporting renowned tuners and automotive shops but it’s the smaller, skilled workshops that need us most. Years of training and personal financial investment deserve reward with loyalty and respect. It’s important to note for most jobs you’re getting just as much if not more attention to detail as you’d receive anywhere else. Needless to mention labour rates are also somewhat lower and I’m always proud to know my money is benefitting a family whether in education, housing or even go-faster parts.

So to summarise I spent £73 on the parts required and £30 in labour. £103 total it’s a cheap labour rate but it enables me to get more done. For example when it’s diff and gearbox service time in another few months it’ll even out the cost of the expensive dual clutch oils required. I will also be having a front lower arm replaced and brakes built at least on the front. With times like the Covid-19 Virus I think it’s more crucial than ever to support the local “Indy” and specialist garages, as small business owners are likely to be hit hardest. If you’re looking for a specialist you can find Carl via the link below. He will be looking after my R35 for the duration of my ownership with everything backed by relevant documentation. These cars can be as expensive as you want to make them and I’d like to show that they can be cared for safely and correctly without spending more than you have to. All the time using high quality parts and skilled technicians, a bit of a no brainer I think.

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a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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