What do cars and the car scene mean to petrol-heads?

The automotive scene is one I’ve been involved with for around 8 or 9 years now. Along the way I’ve met many fascinating people and built bonds that will last a life time. Other people are right d*cks whom I’ll be glad never to see again but that’s another story. The car scene isn’t about who’s got the best car or who’s budget is biggest. It’s about indulging your passion and sharing it with other people. Over the years I’ve been doing something incredibly mundane like buying petrol or checking tyre pressures and people will say something nice about my car or ask me about it. For me that is entirely what this is about. I’m 25 and I still have dreams goals and aspirations which I may never achieve, but if I see someone with a fascinating vehicle then I’m going to politely ask them about it. Cars are a way of expressing yourself and indulging your passion, wether it’s for speed, aesthetics or both.

We seem at times to be a group without compassion or empathy which upsets me a great deal. I’ve friends who’ve broken cars for parts with me whom only a year or two prior I’d never even met! But I don’t give it a second thought welcoming them into my home and giving them the keys to my pride and joy. I love high performance cars that’s my thing. Some people like to stance their cars so they can’t take them anywhere without ripping the sump off, but that’s okay too! I hate that in the modern era we’re berating people for their passions and interests just because they differ to our own. I may not agree with a lot of “builds” I see these days as style over substance isn’t my thing. But I’d much rather say nothing than trash talk someone else’s car. For me the community is about sharing an interest and passion and going for a good drive on a twisty road with some of my best mates. I joined the RS4 owners club when I was 21 and had my very first B7 RS4. The guys and girls took me under their wing and I learned loads about the platform. 4 years on I’m giving back to new owners because I know the cars pretty much inside out now. Sadly from breaking my last one for parts.

I feel it’s important to remember that we need to encourage positivity and safety within the car community. We all love a good drive but we need to think of the safety of ourselves and other road users. Just because donuts look good for social media doesn’t mean we need to endanger people on public roads to do so. There are plenty of sanctioned track events and shows where you can batter your car round track and release that aggression in an insured and safe environment. Another thing I hate is when people are berated for the manor in which they acquire their cars. Even the big guys such as Shmee tend to finance and even lease some of their cars as it’s a better financial investment overall. Young guys and girls very rarely have £30-40k to hand for their first few car purchases. Let them be proud of their achievement and enjoy the cars as intended. The car community will be a much better place when we focus on enjoying our cars instead of dragging people down because they bought a car on finance.

I enjoy the use of forums as I feel they’re a great way to learn about your chosen platform. You can bang up a post with a common fault and most of the time someone has experienced similar and is happy to lend a hand. This to me is the bread and butter of the car community. Helping each other to learn and enjoy our cars as we’ve always wanted too. I remember summer 2019 sat in a pub somewhere just outside of Rutland. I’m sat with 4 of my best car mates from allover the UK. A couple years ago I didn’t know these guys but we all loved RS4s and bonded because of it. Sitting there having lunch after a car show really reminded me what this is all about and I think it’s great. What’re your thoughts of the car community? Are you in an owners club or forum?

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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