The Aston Martin DB9 is a bargain grand-touring masterpiece.

Most of us adore an Aston Martin, the perfect balance of elegance and power in arguably the best looking cars on the planet. I’ve always lusted after an Aston, admittedly the Vantage but the DB9 is a stunning car which in my opinion has aged incredibly well. The DB7 looks an old car even in it’s very last revisions, the DB9 however remains beautiful and modern I can’t believe they’re more than 15 years old. The 6.0 litre handmade V12 delivers 450hp and is good for a 0-60 sprint in 4.7 seconds, although I doubt a non press car has ever been launched. The DB9 will propel itself all the way to 186mph in sumptuous comfort, this isn’t a car for outright performance it’s the gentleman’s cruiser for European road trips and weekend blasts.

The V12 will gulp through fuel faster than Bond will consume dry martinis (around 17mpg maximum). That being said I’m shocked at how well priced early examples are, I’ve seen some cracking examples with around 50,000 miles for around £23,000. That’s a 6 litre grand touring supercar for hot hatch money! Yes the hot hatch will be a great daily driver and the Aston will potentially bankrupt you, but for a weekend toy I think it’s worth serious consideration. I mentioned in the Vantage article how well received an Aston is, people smile and wave when they see you driving through their village as you deliver a satisfying engine note on your way. For me the interior still looks contemporary and fairly modern when compared to cars of similar era, a Ferrari 360 feels a million years old now, cheap tatty plastics and knackered leather. The Oxblood leather and walnut are the trim I would choose if I were on the hunt for a DB9, with meteorite silver paintwork. The titanium instrument binnacle really looks fantastic even 16 years on Aston really got it right all those years ago. One of my favourite things from this era is the steering wheels are round, none of the silly rectangular wheels the modern cars have , they remind me of a bloody Austin allegro.

Understated elegance and lashings of leather.

Owning one of Aston Martins flagships is a romantic idea and that’s what I love most. You know it’s going to cost a fortune to run and you’ll be petrified of parking it anywhere but your heart absolutely longs for one. There’re few cars that I absolutely adore but many are Astons, undeniable beauty power and refinement. My Nissan GT-R is comparatively priced to many DB9s and early vantage models but it’s a completely different vehicle. I find myself tired and grumpy after a long journey as the harsh suspension has battered me from pillar to post, the V6 notes makes up for it partly but again it’s incompatible to a V12 Aston soundtrack.

If you’re looking for a weekend toy or a car for special occasions I challenge you to find better for £25,000 or less. I found a silver example with black leather trim and 43,000 miles on an 05 reg for £24,950. Not only am I struggling not to sell my GT-R for it, I’m genuinely stumped at a better grand touring supercar for the money. If DB7 prices are anything to go on I’d call a “cheap” DB9 a fairly sound investment, as most of the 7’s will cost you similar money. So providing you don’t stick a billion miles on it I doubt you’ll lose a penny and the best part …. you own an Aston Martin. In times of social distancing and self isolation, I can imagine myself cracking opening a beer and walking into the garage to spend a bit of time admiring the DB9’s architecture. So you heard it here first folks, you can get a fairly low mileage British supercar for less than £25,000. This leaves you with some cash for a dinner jacket and the many litres of fuel it’ll devour in a heartbeat as you blast across Europe. Would you buy one? If not what would you buy for the money in the weekend cruiser market?

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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