Is the Bentley Flying Spur setting the benchmark for luxury road travel?

Something I’ll always find absolutely astounding is the way a car that weighs nearly two and a half tons can not just hit over 200mph, but do it with unparalleled comfort and luxury. Now I’ll admit at the age of 25 I’m not by any means Bentleys client base, however the Flying Spur is a handsome car! It looks like something you’d see next to a stately home where you know some mad baron will take it thrashing up the autobahn at weekends. What I think is interesting though is how reasonably priced the Bentley is, I spent a good chunk of my day sat in a Porsche Panamera hiding from the wind and found the interior to be beautiful if not a little brash in oxblood red. The Panamera was around £35,000 less than the Bentley which yes I’m aware is an awful lot of money but there’s two detachable tablets on the headrests, a champagne fridge (yes really) reclining and pampering rear seats with enough leg-room for a game of 5 a-side! Despite the driver being over 6ft4 in this instance.

Business on the go? Why not take your Bentley branded tablet to the office with you.

The Bentley does incredibly well at bestowing you with all the leather-bound luxury you could wish for, yet it remains elegant not ostentatious at all with it being a beautiful place to traverse any distance really. The 6 litre twin turbocharged W12 develops 635bhp (again not showy or in your face) but 900nm which gives you a meaty surge of torque to propel your stately home forward with some veracity. For years I’ve always seen Bentleys as just some old overly expensive executive saloon for the royal and wealthy, but this new car really is a breath of fresh air it’s modern yet traditional and subtle and bloody fast!

The grey tinted leather is nice but I can only imagine how a beautiful tan interior would finish this car off perfectly.

As you know by now I’m forever moaning about my GT-R and how harsh I find the ride quality, so when I saw the Flying Spur wearing a set of 22” shoes my brain couldn’t piece together how it rides so well so I’m just going to call it magic and be done with it. I know it’s £170,000 and I’m sure some options will push it even higher, but the Bentley is exquisitely finished with everything feeling reassuringly expensive and well made. If I had the money would I buy the Bentley? Probably not but I still find farts funny which is why I’m not who Bentley is catering to. It’s nice to know when I want to wear a nice pair of brogues and a flat cap I can traverse great distances at phenomenal speed in comfort.

Can you go anywhere without a bottle of champagne? Probably but let’s not chance it!

It’s day like this I feel immensely proud to be British and I really felt connected to the Bentley because of its heritage and the way our cars always seem to be the underdogs and a little outdated. The Bentley wasn’t quite as quick as an RS7 or the Porsche Panamera in a 1/4 mile but the lords and ladies that’ll run these cars won’t really care about that. The quilted leather, tablets and massaging seats will distract them as they spear towards the alps at a rate of notts in complete refinement and style. The Flying Spur would look good next to a spitfire right? I’ll let you imagine that for yourselves.

Talk about inviting! It’s like a roaring fire at Christmas.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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