My cheap GT-R gets some new shoes!

Have you ever thought about something and played it down? Then before you know you’re semi infatuated and it’s all you can think about? Well that kinda happens to me a lot, certainly with car parts. I see a picture of a car and think “I wish mine was that nice”. I’m a perfectionist and despite buying cheaper examples of the cars I choose I want them to compete with some of the very best. I’ve made a carbon front lip to repair the damage from previous owners, I’ve corrected the paint and fitted a much better exhaust, but something was leaving me cold with my GT-R…. it’s wheels. MY DIY dip job successfully masked the blue rims, but is gradually starting to wear now thanks to inclement weather and the lack of quality roads in Oxfordshire. What started as a little “idea” to cheaply upgrade my car quickly became the “I must have those” mentality. I found a set of TSW Nurburgring alloys on Facebook marketplace and they were well-priced at £1k (effectively a third off from new) the tyres as pictured are wrapped in Toyo r888r rubber and seem to be in clean overall condition, I made the seller an offer of £900 via PayPal and even managed to get away without paying the fees! add £37 shipping from Scotland to the midlands where I live and that’s a damn bargain in my eyes.

I’ve no idea who’s car this, all I know is this is exactly how I would love mine to look one day.

The standard wheels look a little lost in the arches in my opinion so these have some meatier rubber fitted, circa 285mm fronts and 315mm rears also referred to as f*cking massive. Now as you know this is a “cheap” GT-R and I’ve a budget to stick too. So my “one in one out” rule applies, my oem wheels will have the Michelin’s removed and be refinished ready for sale for around £500. I could maybe get a little more but I’m happy to get 50% or more of my purchase price back. Take this as you will but I’ve always been a little against the “sleeper” vibe of high performance cars , I feel wheels really make a vehicle unique to their owner and put a personal stamp on it. All of my cars bar the B7 RS4 saloon have had aftermarket wheels , several sets in some cases, it also helped people recognise my cars at shows or just generally on social media.

If you ever want to feel inadequate financially try buying wheels for a Nissan GT-R or any other supercar for that matter. Most sets that I liked of forged construction were minimum £2500-£5000 before tyres which frankly made me feel a bit useless. I love the Rays TE37 but second hand sets at £4000 before tyres is out of the question, I also feel the whole “cheap” GT-R premise would be somewhat lost if I did that. I’m happy with how the car is taking shape and progressing now, it’s looking better, driving better and making a great noise. The car will be serviced in April along with some new rear brakes and a general check up, the R35 has so much character and I still can’t believe it’s mine, a real dream car realisation. My GT-R is going to hit 78,000 miles this week and I’ll be honest it feels tight,solid and seriously fast! This is why I buy “older” performance cars, the way a bond is forged as you learn it’s strengths, it’s flaws and personality. In the modern world the GT-R is starting to feel very analogue in it’s delivery and I’ll admit I don’t miss a manual gearbox one bit, if nothing else it’s mechanical gear changes and surges of torque make the experience better now I’m used to them. Stay tuned for the next update as there’s definitely more to come for the cheap Nuclear Datsun.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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