Why I bought my first supercar instead of a property…

So I get a lot of questions and quite frankly judgment on the cars I’ve owned, even more so with the purchase of my GT-R. So how did I get to here? Well I was fortunate that when my B7 RS4 decided to detonate it’s rod bearings I was able to make probably my smartest choice to date. I broke the car for spares as it’s most valuable asset (the TTS supercharger) was barely 3000 miles old and the car had pretty much all the upgrades I’d ever wanted for an RS4. I turned a negative situation into around a £10,000 profit give or take a few pennies, because I swapped the B5 RS4 for the charged B7, the equity involved was only £16,000. Couple that sum to the fact I had additional parts to sell from the b7 and I was quickly making money with my new acquisition, to the tune of around £1500. I sold a carbon front lip, spare mirrors and a set of oem wheels with mint Michelin rubber. This would set the tone for how my b7 ownership was going to go. I sold it’s 20” Rotiform wheels and managed to get replacements for less than my sale price, so again gaining myself money even if only £200 at a time.

But anyway back to my point… the B7 was worth considerably more in parts even with a ruined engine. The supercharger kit, BBS wheels , bucket seats and steering wheel saw me at nearly £13,000 alone, add coilovers the carbon fibre air-box and i had essentially broken even with 90% of a car still remaining. Then you’ve got all the silly parts like mirrors which fetched over £350, under trays , downpipes , gearbox, exhaust, headliner, yes I was investing some personal time into the project now but I was pulling in revenue week by week. This enabled me to pay off a small personal loan I had taken to purchase the B5 in the first place and have a sizeable pot of cash leftover. This is where I was in a dilemma, in a strong financial position with a sizeable house deposit (should I of chosen that method) but with a unique career path not needing of a property. I have accommodation provided with my career that costs an appetence, I’m around 100 miles away from where I consider “home” and house prices in Rutland are somewhat high. To put it bluntly I could afford it but only just, and would I even live in it? No probably not.

I’ve adored anything with an engine since before I could even walk, my mum would get me “Truck&Driver” magazines or “Top Gear” and I would read them again and again. So finding myself in a strong financial position I wanted to really explore my abilities as a driver and experience as many new cars as possible. The GT-R was a game changer it would batter a 997 turbo in 2008 for nearly a third of the price. I wanted a supercar that I could afford to use and cherish without fear of depreciation or someone vandalising it. I’m newly 25 hence the R35 purchase in the first place, I like to think in 10 years time I’ll be that “cool” dad who gets to tell his little lad stories about the cars I’ve had and how much I’ve loved them over the years. While if I were to be mortgaged up to my eyeballs now would I ever have a chance to own something like this? Perhaps not.

What I find so damming is being constantly challenged by people in a world where most people in their 20’s seem to live in the pub or go on boozy holidays that have nothing to show for their money. I’m the one having to justify my expenditure as if I’ve done something wrong or questionable. I always say to my family I’ve not thrown a house deposit away I’ve invested it in a car for a couple of years. My interest rate on my savings account is around 0.3% so if I’d left roughly £20,000 with them for a year or two the benefit was so negligible would I even notice? I’m hoping for two great years with my first supercar but will there be another? If I’m honest I doubt it, but I will indulge myself in new ways maybe something manual and rear-wheel drive. While I consider property, but who knows I can’t predict the future. By purchasing “cheap” examples I’m minimising my risk providing they’ve been maintained well. And with a bit of luck when I come to sell the new exhaust and carbon fibre splitter will help claw back some extra cash for the next stupid automotive venture. I feel it’s important to look at it logically, if you’re borrowing substantially less than the value of your vehicle and your savings continue to grow each year (outweighing the depreciation of your vehicle) you can continue to jump up the ladder again and again. In 2 years time I can probably afford a 2013 GT-R or a C7 RS6, however if I chose to sell and not replace the R35 I would be in a stronger position for a house purchase. But with a larger deposit this only makes sense to me as I get a fun car to play with while I’m “saving”. I like to think my decisions are somewhat defendable as I keep any monthly costs to below 50% of a mortgage. So it’s not to the detriment of my savings or impacting on my life quality and if I’m honest it costs me £80 a month less than the B5 RS4 was so if that isn’t a victory I don’t know what is.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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