I talked my friend into buying a supercharged RS4!

So from experience I know an awful lot about Audi RS4s especially the B7 platform. It’s what got me to where I am today, they’re incredibly underrated cars with a competent chassis good looks and practicality. The B7 has many weaknesses as I’ve written about before, however there’s one I don’t like to mention to often.. they don’t have enough torque to pull the skin off a rice pudding. In standard guise the B7 started a trait no manufacturer wants, they never made quoted power figures! I’ve known many modified “stage 2” examples that have barely surpassed the 414bhp figure , and that’s without cats, an improved air-filter and a Milltek cat-back exhaust usually. Now as you’ll know my decision making and list of “priorities” when buying a car are somewhat warped, but I genuinely believe a supercharged B7 RS4 is one of the best daily drivers you can have and I’ll explain why.

TTS performance are a fairly small company based in Silverstone England and they make blowers (supercharger kits) and they’re bloody good bits of kit. The charge plenum along with most of the kit is made from billeted-aluminium. Yes it’s incredibly expensive but once you look at the intricacy involved of making this bespoke kit you know it’s been money well spent. The best part of this kit isn’t the 200bhp you gain (trust me) it’s the usability of it all , if you’re not mashing the loud pedal you would never know you’re over 600bhp at the flywheel. They really can be a smooth yet powerful beast in the right hands. Anyway …. back on track I’ve known Jason for about 3 years now, we met at Vagtuner when I had my B7 saloon. We’ve always stayed in touch and caught up at shows regularly and he’s the proud owner of one of the cleanest B7 RS4’s I’ve ever seen. Anyway skip forward a couple of years to when my supercharged RS4 arrived and Jason instantly fell in love with the car. He’d find any excuse he could to snatch the keys away and take it for a hammering. After I’d broken my B7 for parts and actually bought the GT-R I found a gorgeous silver avant on eBay , blessed with a TTS supercharger, some C7 RS6 wheels and a smattering of other goodies I knew it was too good to pass on. The car only had 60,000 miles with full history as it had been cared for by a Porsche addict with his own museum. Despite the odd age-related mark here and there the car looked great. I immediately forwarded the link to Jason and pestered him for a couple of days about how for basically a few thousand pounds (once his mint avant is sold) he can have one of the rarest and quickest RS4’s on the road. Fortunately a buyer wasn’t able to get down within a week after leaving a deposit so Jason and I were next in line. The original plan was Jason would drive us in his car we would check everything over with me having some decent working knowledge of the TTS kit, then he would leave a deposit and collect the following week.

However … Jason then decided he wanted to have the car that day if all was well so at 6am I’m up coffee in hand firing up a cold start on the GT-R and single handedly pissing everyone within half a mile off. This was the start of what would be a 6 hour road trip for me. Oxford to South Wales, South Wales to Birmingham, then Birmingham to Rutland for me to go home. 320 miles and about 6 hours total. Now if you’ve read my GT-R pieces you’ll know that it’s not the most comfortable cruiser in the world nor the most efficient, however it was great to share my latest purchase with Jason while he hopefully scooped up his RS4 upgrade. This was a very unique buying experience as not only we were able to comb through the car inch by inch and test drive we were also able to get underneath the car on a lift and see that nothing was wrong. The money changed hands and Jason was like a kid at Christmas, the car pulls immensely well , however I know he’s going to put his own stamp on the car very soon and maybe get a little more power from the V8 lump. I think honestly he’s going to be very happy with the car as it’s Low mileage but missing a few key pieces that give the RS4 it’s character. Such as it’s bucket seats and the flat bottom steering wheel stolen from Lamborghini’s parts bin. Jason is a little OCD so I’ve no doubt this car will live a very pampered lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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