What is my second modification to the cheapest UK GT-R?

So as you’ve probably read I’ve acquired the uk’s cheapest non written off Nissan GT-R. I’ve already done a cheap “modification” which was blacking the wheels out from their let’s say “controversial” blue colour. However if you’ve known me over the last few years or seen any of my past cars you’ll know that I love two things in particular, carbon fibre and a good exhaust note. Obviously I’m looking to capture both. However I’m not made of money so both Armytrix and Akrapović are out of the question. Like most petrol heads I find myself on eBay at obscure times of the night. Looking for parts occasionally this pays off, in this instance I’ve managed to bag myself a full 3.5” Japspeed valvetronic catback exhaust. Featuring 5” carbon-fibre exhaust tips. The system usually retails for around £2300, I’ve managed to pay less than a quarter of that price and have a full Milltek exhaust system to sell. When I’ve swapped them over of course. This should more than cover the costs, as a friend and I will fit the exhaust next week on a 4 poster lift.

So what did I pay you might ask yourself? Well it was strange if I’m honest. The exhaust was listed for £499 starting bid with a mere £8.99 shipping cost in the UK. I placed a bid and messaged the seller to make sure they were happy with their postage quote. Last thing I wanted was to win a mighty bidding war and then find out I’m being billed another £100 for delivery. The seller offered me the exhaust immediately for my bid and stated the shipping price was correct. So yes a full stainless exhaust system will be sitting at home waiting for me for little under £508… insert Jeremy Clarkson smug face here.

At the time of writing I’ve a chap offering me £700 for my Milltek system, due to the Y pipe being just a year old and resonated. So there’s potential for a little profit whilst getting the extra noise i wanted. Added bonus I now have an excuse to work on the GT-R again and put my own stamp on it. For potentially nothing if not an overall profit! Pending the sale of the Milltek I will be looking to reinvest my profits into the next modification, to keep my cheap GT-R looking and sounding great. Without spending a fortune. I’ll be doing a review of the new car after 6 months to break down what I’ve spent both in terms of modifications and servicing. I believe in complete transparency when entering your first supercar venture. As always any feedback is welcome and if there’s anything you want to know or read about you can find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @samtalkscars thank you for reading.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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