What happened to my supercharged RS4?

So if you’ve seen any of my other articles, you know I’ve been a long term RS4 owner. However the last of which quickly disappeared, here’s why.

The RS4 was my daily driver and an incredibly effective piece of kit. However due to its forced induction and 200bhp over standard guise it required strict servicing intervals. So my friend and I ordered some upgraded Iridium NGK plugs and 10 litres of Millers nanotech oils then set to work on a major service. This went successfully and the car performed better than ever with a quicker start up and smoother revving. This is where it gets emotional. 10-15 miles up the road a knocking noise started and the car felt massively down on power. I feared I’d trashed the supercharger kit or potentially a fuel pump. Which in the grand scheme of things would’ve been fairly minor, alas this was not the case.

I didn’t like the sound of what I heard so I made a tough decision. The car had 178,000 miles by this point, so was effectively worth bugger all in one piece. I broke the car for parts, first removing its 20” BBS wheels and ceramic brakes. Followed quickly by the surprisingly pristine bucket seats and flat bottom steering wheel. The TTS supercharger kit did me proud bringing in £9250 on its own thanks to a new gearbox and supercharger unit. A friend of mine unfortunately crashed his RS4 saloon at a similar time. This meant the sale of my complete front end and more money back in my pocket.

Once the supercharger had departed my friend Luke who’s instagram I’ll place at the end of this article, removed the engine and gearbox from the B7. He’s now started to strip and clean the block. As you’ll see above, there’s a pair of trashed rod bearings from the piston that failed. Another piston’s bearings are also on the verge of failure. This enabled the piston to drop compression and “punch” the head of the engine. This explains the sound I was hearing which also explains the massive loss of power so quickly.

The RS4 was worth maybe £10,000 with a wrecked engine which at the time was undiagnosed. Even with its supercharger kit present. I believe by the time I’ve taken the car apart, pending payment of my gearbox I’ve made around £10,000 over my initial investment as I traded a nice B5 RS4 for the supercharged B7. The b5 made some great dyno figures the other day 440bhp and 630nm at the crank which explains the way it used to surge forward on boost.

So what is next? Well I gave luke_rs4 (on Instagram) my engine for his help stripping the b7 down. You should follow him as I know he’s going to heavily document the rebuild and reconditioning process. It’s a relief to know that the powerplant of my ex daily will be living on in another car and making boosted horsepower for years to come. The rolling chassis was sold on which itself will be going through an interesting transition over the next two years or so. I may have stepped away from fast Audi’s for the time being but I feel there’s potential for another when the time comes. But for now I’ll enjoy Godzilla, but for the last time I’ll stick a picture of the RS4 looking it’s very best. Truly one of my dream cars and I’m honoured to have owned a supercharged B7 a difficult act to follow.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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