My high mileage supercharged Audi RS4 is broken.

I bought this car for two reasons , first it’s very powerful and makes Norse god like noises, the second it’s high mileage so no doubt will have some interesting, if not expensive stories to document. So I start today speaking about the latter. Late one evening I’m minding my own business driving through a village at around 30MPH when the RS4 throws up a battery light. I didn’t think much of this as I was expecting a battery replacement already. Here’s where it gets a bit daft. I get a lift to my local parts shop pay £140 for a new battery and fit it over the afternoon, followed by a bit of detailing as I had some time on my hands. I lift the bonnet for a quick clean only to find the supercharger belt is missing.

Tts supercharger with a missing belt which equates to a very slow RS4.

In typical German car fashion I only need to change a £22 belt for the supercharger pulleys. However this constitutes removing around 30 torx fittings in many arduous places. Pulling out arch liners, disconnecting screen wash hoses and fog lamp connectors. What you end up with is sizeable front bumper laying on the floor of your garage and a wide arched RS4 looking very sorry for itself.

A semi stripped down front end.

So where do I go from here? Well after being pretty much told to go away by the tuning company , I decided to order the belt and start disassembly. From the picture above I have 4 bolts still to undo and raise the radiators about 6 inches. Meaning I can remove what’s left of the now shredded belt. After this I’ll replace the belt check things over before a cautious start up while the front end is still off. So I can check for issues. A set of 8 NGK iridium spark plugs and some millers Nanodrive oil should freshen up performance nicely.

Freshly polished charge cooler and a few dirty marks to tidy up!

I enjoy working on cars and I definitely have an undeserved sense of confidence. I think it’s good not just for the stories you can share but experiences you gather while working on cars. I’m yet to finish the repair as I’m still waiting for the new belt. However this is a perfect opportunity to give parts a good clean and tidy up any loose ends I wouldn’t usually notice. Improving the overall quality of my car. I’ve loved the 4 months I’ve spent with this epic car it’s been an engaging 3200 miles so far and what I can only describe as a gargantuan fuel bill. I hope this is a car I will always own even if it’s just to blast around at the weekends or the odd road trip. It’s full of character and never fails to make me smile.

Published by Sam Busby

a big nosed bearded idiot who likes to write about cars. Lucky enough to have owned a few quick ones too.

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