Here’s how I bought the highest mileage supercharged RS4 in the world.

High mileage hero or villain?

So it’s around March 2019, my 2001 b5 Audi RS4 in avus silver is up for sale on various auction sites. For a laugh on Facebook Marketplace also. I end up getting a message from this guy , he’s umming and Arring about buying my b5 , he mentions he has a couple of interesting RS marques already. One of which being an 800bhp c6 rs6 the other being a TTS supercharged rs4 in Daytona grey. He states really he needs to downsize but that he will be in touch. I didn’t expect to hear from him again. You know how car forums are, we all chat about future plans, aspirations, a number of fellow enthusiasts ask me if I’ll be returning to a b7 (having had a sorted Daytona saloon just the year before) I replied no but had always wanted to build a supercharged b7. APR and TTS supercharged cars are the holy grail of the b7 world and good enough to scare even the new RS6’s. A day or so elapses and this guy shoots me another message regarding my b5 and casually mentions he owns a supercharged RS4 he would like to do a deal with. I laugh this off causally as a charged b7 is worth anything around £30k in the uk and my b5 is worth somewhere around £20k. So there’s an obvious Guelph in price. He said no he’s interested in a swap, so I play along to see where this goes. About 10 minutes later he coughs up what can only be described as the lowest resolution picture of a car I’ve ever seen. It was a Daytona grey brick shape that could of been an RS4 or it could have been a wall, it was hard to tell. Anyhow he mentions the mileage of this car is “quite high” at around 170k (something I would consider gargantuan) but it’s at MRC the renowned Audi tuner receiving a new supercharger. Not one to shy away at mileage we talk a little more about price and the cars well documented history (an original tts development car). I say I would be interested in a swap if the car is as good as it sounds. Here comes the Best Bit he agrees to meet with me when the car is ready, a couple of weeks elapse. We message occasionally to see where this is going after several delays (4 months total at MRC) but eventually we agree to meet at my place of work. I detail the b5 after a front end re-spray with it spruced up and looking well. When up turns this dirty neglected looking RS4, looking like it’s been sat under a tarpaulin for about 6 months during a harsh winter. But I stick with it we shake hands having a chat and he throws me the key. I have a look round disappointed to see comfort seats although he assured me the buckets are safely in storage should I want them. I open the bonnet and the most comical tired squeak groans out the engine bay is filthy considering it’s been worked on and serviced,it looks like it’s been pasted round the desert. Then comes the bodywork the lower door trims bowed out as water has got in, corroding the door bottoms. A small corrosion patch also on the front right wing, there’s tatty black wrap around the grill and window surrounds too. Fitted are the most haggard looking rear discs I’ve ever seen , the car is a disappointment to say the least. I get into the dirty and dusty cockpit and fire her up (just about stuttered into life) but to my relief she sounds solid on tick-over. I have a little test drive around the airside car park and no rattles to report nor bangs or clunks but she was far from mint. My b5 looking significantly the better car I try to leverage the deal , stating I would like the buckets fitted and the oem wheels as a spare set. There was also a spare set of mirrors caps available ( the ones fitted were painted in Daytona grey, I’ve no idea why)

The avus b5 RS4

We part ways while he leaves to think it over and that was it he vanished. A good week to ten days passes he reads my messages but no reply and I feel despite it’s tatty appearance the deal of a life time may have passed me by. Eventually I receive a message he says something along the lines of “I like the car where do we go from here?” I quote a date out of thin air in early April as it fits my days off, and there it was he agreed. I invited a friend down from wales as I knew he adored my b5 and hadn’t seen or driven it since it was complete. Off we set early one morning my friend behind the wheel and I begin to appreciate the comfy leather seats, the carbon clad dash the alcantara wheel and the overall character of the b5 realising it’s the last time I’ll ever be inside it. Or see it for that matter. The distinct smell all VAG cars have from the early naughties era. We arrive and like a jolly Father Christmas the owner who towered above me both in stature and breadth with a sizeable beard says he has a surprise for me , he’d had the b7 valeted to which it looked much more respectable. I looked closer and he’d even had the bucket seats fitted. Meanwhile his colleagues from work wrapped the oem wheels and placed them carefully on the back seats. I went off the sign the documents and just like that in April 2019 I took ownership of my third RS4 this one being TTS supercharged. A car I’d always dreamt of was finally mine. The dream came crashing down around 10 minutes later however, when one “accidental” spirited launch lit up all 4 Vredesteins, quickly followed by the ESP and abs lights. So after a very tentative drive home thinking I’ve shot myself in the foot. I manage to give it a much needed clean and decontamination with a clay bar, a new MAF meter was ordered which thankfully rectified this issue.

For more pictures and a little more on the backstory and development of the b7 feel free to find me on Instagram @samtalkscars

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